Our JWS family is ready to welcome you into the extraordinary world of JWS Online. When you become a part of JWS Online, you join an international cohort of theatre artists who are expanding their skill sets, crafting new visions of the future, pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones, building community, and fully expressing their artistry. 

The July session of JWS Online runs July 6 thru August 2. 

Your membership includes UNLIMITED classes, exclusive member-only events, access to the JWS Discussion Forum and an ongoing invitation to attend all of our JWS Community events (even after the month is over). Take as many (or as few) of the classes as you'd like. Choose your own adventure. 

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"It seems crazy that an acting studio could operate entirely digitally and still have the ability to grab you by the proverbial shirt collar and transform your approach to material, your headspace, and your very perspective on the industry; JWS Online does just that. I never thought I would be able to go to class this way and have such a deep connection with the process and the people sharing that screen. (And if I'm being honest, I don't mind the commute. Sorry not sorry, MTA.) Through the SHINE program and regular classes with JWS Online, the JWS community has become both my home and an endless source of inspiration - it feels like we can do anything, anywhere! My life and career are exponentially better for it."

Joanna Carpenter
Photo by Lauren Taub

Our July 2020 Teachers

Our July 2020 classes

Click on a class title to read the class description. Your membership gives you access to ALL of the July classes.

Mind your mindset. Together, as a community, we set an intention for the week, examine a mindset shift, and then get to work applying the concept as a practice. This class is all about developing a growth mindset so that you can step into the best version of yourself and build your future. (Recorded if you have to miss!)

Mondays, 10am-11am eastern.
(All JWS Online artists attend this session.)

This class meets twice a week and is designed to help you strengthen your ability to act on impulse and work “in the moment”. Inspired by our popular Studio Workshop, Jen will take you through a series of facilitated exercises with songs or monologues. If you are singing, pre-recorded accompaniment is required. This class will forever change your at-home practice. (Recorded if you have to miss!)

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am-11am eastern.
(All JWS Online artists attend both sessions.)

An exploration of Identity, Humanity, and Evolution of Music in America

  • Part 1: Conversation and Change
    • What is brave exploration?
    • What is justice?
  • Part 2: The Stolen Ones: The Journey
  • Part 3: Reclamation and Transformation
  • Part 4: Showing Up - Empowering through Engaging the Experience

Thursdays 11:30am-1pm eastern. (Decompression session immediately following class, 1-1:30pm eastern)

With the time that we have, we are all responsible for the world we leave behind. In this class we will do the work of imagining a world without oppressive structures starting with the macro and moving into the micro of our own artistic communities, have critical and nuanced conversations with the devil's advocate inside of us all, continue the work of learned empathy for ourselves and for others, and look for the joy in the revolution citing the texts of bell hooks, Audre Lorde, and adrienne maree brown. 

Wednesdays 2pm-3pm eastern

It’s kind of like Chopped, but with art instead of food. In each session, you will be given creative ingredients and a prompt, and then you will have 60 minutes to create a piece of art. If you are ready to let your creative juices flow, take risks, and make art, this is for you. 

Wednesdays 4-5pm eastern

Everyone has a story to tell. It may be a small but meaningful occurrence or it may be the most crucial moment of your life. But it is your story.

TELL YOUR STORY is designed to  give you confidence, freedom and structure as you refine your storytelling skills for maximum effect. Through a series of writing and performative prompts designed to investigate the creation of a story (whether it be suspenseful, humorous, heartfelt, or all of the above), together, we will:

  1. Determine a one to three minute story you wish to tell.
  2. Identify your approach- considering the details, characters and emotional content which is integral to your story.
  3. Formulate a shape and structure to your story as you wish it to be told.
  4. Investigate the possibilities of interpreting your own work aloud, informed by a clear point of view, specificity of intent, and clarity in your delivery.
  5. Create a recorded telling of your story (with the option to share it among an audience of JWS classmates.)

Your story is waiting to be told. We are eager to hear it.


Session A: Mondays 12-1pm eastern

Session B: Tuesdays 6-7pm eastern

Hi, I’m Billy B.

Fun fact… one year in college, I sang nothing but Cathy’s songs from The Last Five Years. Classmates and teachers asked me why. I answered “I’m sick of the word TYPE.” Are you also sick of that word? How many times has that word held you back? Here at JWS, we’ve stripped that word of its power.

This class empowers you to defy expectations and tack roles and pieces you would “never do.” By exploring characters who at first glance seem opposite to who we are, we can actually get closer to crystalizing who we are and expanding what we’re truly capable of. 

Here’s my favorite part: This class challenges you to find yourself in someone different than you… an artistic superpower the world desperately needs. 

Session A: Fridays 10-11am eastern

Session B: Wednesdays 7-8pm eastern

This class will help you to explore methods of approaching your musical material hat will enrich your character’s inner life. Embrace your full potential as a singing actor and transform your performances from static to engaging. The days of standing in neutral while staring at a fixed point on the wall are gone, gone, gone!

Session A: Fridays 2-3pm eastern

Session B: Tuesdays 8-9pm eastern

You’ve done your homework as the actor. You’ve read the script, done the analysis, written a backstory, broken down the beats, evaluated the stakes, and crafted a finely tuned dramatic arc for your character. But how do you showcase all of that work without an outside eye to help you craft the performance? That’s when we have to think like a director! We will discuss the fundamentals of directing and how the creative vision, design elements, compositional staging, and sculpting of dramatic tension seek to serve the story and spotlight the work of the actor. We’ll help you embody your own collaboration so you can enter any space with the confidence of a creative team. 

Session A: Tuesdays 2-3pm eastern

Session B: Mondays 7-8pm eastern

In this class you will sharpen your ability to analyze Shakespearean text with an actor’s eye, rather than just an academic one. If you are brand new to Shakespeare, you’ll learn simple tools to understand the structure of Shakespeare’s verse, hopefully making it a lot less scary, and, in turn, giving you the tools to perform poetic verse. If you are already a Shakespeare aficionado, you’ll have a chance to sharpen your skills, deepen your relationship to the plays, and speak the speech. 

Session A: Wednesdays 12-1pm eastern

Session B: Sundays 12-1pm eastern

All characters move, but not all characters move in the same way! We’re exploring the infinite possibility of physical gesture using Laban’s 8 Basic Effort Shapes. You’ll learn how to spot these dynamic qualities, allow them to set your body free, and take charge of your storytelling by making your ideas seen. This is an opportunity to practice using Laban with text and/or songs, and to discover a step-by-step guide for approaching rehearsal and performance. All exercises are designed to be accessible in spaces of any size.

Mondays 4-5pm eastern

Study some of the most celebrated films in cinema history with an eye towards narrative and performative techniques to maximize your potential as a storyteller. Hitchcock’s films beg us to examine how we digest images and consider what they truly mean. Each week we will supplement our viewings with some of the most important film criticism published, as we investigate topics such as the male gaze, the dangers of voyeurism and the basic tenets of suspense in storytelling.

Fridays 12-1pm eastern

*Pre-requisite: Intro to Puppetry, or equivalent.

Building upon intro to puppet fundamentals, we’ll dive deeper into the world of manipulations, personality, character voices, and relationships in collaboration with our puppets. We will work short monologues, human/puppet scenes, and puppet/puppet scenes from a variety of theatre and television scripts. You will need a hand and rod puppet (ala the Muppets or Avenue Q, or even a sock puppet with mouth plate and homemade arm rods will do!). This class will require a bit of practice outside of class time, probably in the ballpark of 1-2 hours a week.

Thursdays 4-5pm eastern

Viewpoints are present in every moment of life and give us the freedom to make choices in every moment onstage. This class offers a systematic approach for practically applying the framework to songs and monologues, especially in small spaces. Together we’ll explore the Vocal and Physical Viewpoints using specifically designed at-home exercises that embrace the constraints of the camera. You’ll valve with a comprehensive menu of options for unlocking dynamic storytelling in every rehearsal and performance going forward, no matter where you are. 

Fridays 7-8pm eastern

Taught by your fellow JWSers, this class series truly embodies what it means to be a theatre artist, a changemaker, and a purpose-driven human all rolled into one. This month’s offerings:

Session A = Mondays, 1:30-2:30pm eastern.

Session B = Fridays, 5-6pm eastern.


In today’s job market, especially mid-pandemic, the workforce at large is tasked with adapting, upskilling, and training to fit the needs of available employment. Artists are no exception. I want actors to feel empowered to turn their unique experiences and skills into employment in other industries. In the artist’s life, scarcity and financial uncertainty are huge barriers to establishing our agency, fighting injustice, and reimagining theatre as we know it.  Imagine what is possible when we collectively contribute, grow, and innovate through work that pays us, WHILE we challenge and inspire through our art.  We can make it work for us! 



Is it possible that as actors and singers, we are already experts at techniques that can be applied not only to our craft but also our lives? 

Expanding our perception of what our body is capable of doing.  

And perhaps most importantly, lessen some of our preventable suffering?

Over the past ten years, Rita has coached FDNY firefighters and special operations military on building resiliency and peak performance skills as they face some of the biggest on the job and life stresses imaginable. 

Let’s dive into the science behind some practices we can start using today and begin to actively practice awareness and regulation. 



Confidence is not an inherent trait you are born with. It is a skill that can be cultivated and strengthened with practice. 

As we move through this moment of uncertainty, we must develop our confidence muscle so that we can find the courage to move forward. 

Through the exploration of Consciousness, Compassion, and Love we will dig into he specific actions we can take to develop a nurturing and positive relationship with confidence. 



It is time to take control of your financial future and bust the myth that artists and money are incompatible. Together we will take an in-depth look at the retirement & savings options available to actors outside our AEA 401K. You will learn helpful percentages and numbers to look for in assessing which mutual funds perform the best and cost the least as well as the pros and cons for Traditional and Roth IRAs.


Registration is now closed. To stay in the loop about August, click here.

Your membership includes UNLIMITED classes, exclusive member-only events, access to the JWS Discussion Forum and an ongoing invitation to attend all of our JWS Community events (even after the month is over). Take as many (or as few) of the classes as you'd like. Choose your own adventure. 


Each month our JWS community raises funds in order to support the continued training of artists who are underrepresented in the theatre. 

Applications must be received no later than 11:59pm on July 2.

TO LEARN MORE AND TO APPLY, CLICK HERE. (applications for July are closed)

"JWS Online has been exactly what I needed during this time. The structure and community provided gives me the chance to connect with fellow artists and grow in ways that I didn’t think possible. It has quickly become my beacon of hope, connection, and creative possibilities. "

Byron St. Cyr
Photo by L Morgan Lee, BluePhotoNYC

Frequently Asked Questions

A computer and webcam (built in or external, with microphone and video capabilities), A stable internet connection and a quiet space. That's all. (Well, you'll also need a desire to learn, an imagination, and a willingness to experiment.)

Every month before the session begins, we offer orientation sessions for for new students to help set you up for success. We got you. Breathe. 

Yes. Each month, our classes are cumulative week to week. Every week builds on the week that came before (with the exception of Lightbulb Learning).

Because we have an international group of artists at JWS Online, we do our best to offer classes that work for different time zones. The only difference between class sections is the scheduled meeting time. Each week the material and discussion topics covered in section A are also be covered in section B.

If your schedule changes and you are unable to consistently attend the same section of a course from week to week, you are welcome to jump into the other meeting time at your convenience.

No, only the month’s core classes, Homeroom and Impulse Training, are recorded and made available for viewing after their live stream. Everything else is designed to be experienced live. 

Privacy and confidentiality are a high priority for us at JWS. We promise everyone in our studio a safe space in which to explore and create. If a class has individual work sessions, you may only record said individual work session. You may not record your peers, your teachers, or any other JWS community member during the live stream. Any violation of this policy results in immediate dismissal from the studio, no exceptions. 

Weekly assignments are meant to enhance and support class discussions and explorations. In order to engage with the material fully, and get the most out of our platform, we recommend completing all assignments prior to the beginning of the next class meeting. 

Breakout sessions are structured into class time to give the artists the opportunity to share their thoughts and discoveries within smaller peer groups. We expect that you will participate in the breakouts. If you have an extenuating circumstance (i.e. your computer malfunctions, your child is screaming, etc) you can use the chat function to participate. Passive listening in the breakout rooms is not an option. 

No, we close the classroom and the callboard on the Sunday evening after the final class of the month. At that point you will no longer have access to the classroom or the callboard. Make sure to download and save any desired information before the next month of classes begins.

Our team will make accommodations for any artist who needs them. All of our classes have live captioning. If you need transcripts, audio-only, large print, etc, just let us know. We may need a little extra time to get you everything you need, but we promise to get you everything you need.

Reach out to us at questions@jenwaldman.com. We are happy to get you the answers you need

"JWS Online is where I have found stability and strength in this unprecedented and unpredictable time. I log on every morning knowing there is a strong community of people who join me in meeting themselves where they are that day without judgment. My curiosity is being cultivated and it continues to grow exponentially with each class and workshop. The work I'm doing goes beyond my craft as a theatre artist. I am encouraged to innovate, to ask better questions, to be active in bettering myself as a person, so that I can find my way of sharing my gifts with the world with honesty and integrity. Once you join JWS your life changes for good. It isn't always easy, but I can promise that it's always worth it."

Giselle Alvarez
Photo by Justin Patterson
Registration is now closed. To stay in the loop about August, click here.

Your membership includes UNLIMITED classes, exclusive member-only events, access to the JWS Discussion Forum and an ongoing invitation to attend all of our JWS Community events (even after the month is over). Take as many (or as few) of the classes as you'd like. Choose your own adventure. 

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